Mollie L Trammell, a graduate of LaGrange College with bachelor of Social Work and completion of coursework for a master’s degree in Justice Administration. She is the founder/owner of S&T Assessment and Counseling Service, Inc, and has provided services for multiple agencies for nearly two decades. Mollie Is a recipient of the Republican Businesswoman of the year award and the Ronald Reagan Gold Medal award. These awards are presented to selected business leaders across the country for their contribution to the economic health of their communities, conservative values and the vision of an entrepreneurial America. During the last five years Mollie started studying “Think and Grow Rich” and developed a coaching program (The Matrix Coach) showing others how to apply these principles to everyday life and work.

“To Restore Direction to Those lost in the Matrix”  Mollie Trammell

Mollie L Trammell


Lynda Wolters is the Administrative Coordinator for Mollie Trammell. Ms. Wolters has been with S&T Assessment and Counseling since 2004 moving through various positions enabling her to have a more complete picture of the operation. As assistant to Ms. Trammell, Lynda works closely in the different facets of the company and collaborating on projects.
Ms. Wolters is well known in the community serving for several years as an Ambassador for the Newnan-Coweta Chamber of Commerce. Additionally, Lynda has served as a mentor for youth in the elementary school and AWANA program in her church.
Prior to joining S&T Assessment, Ms. Wolters worked in the healthcare and communication fields. Multi-tasking and problem solving are the variety of the workforce most enjoyable to Lynda.
Ms. Wolters is the mother of two and the grandmother of six. Grandchildren are the focus of free time activities for Lynda. Whether crawling around the floor, building Lego castles or watching grandchildren participate in sports, nothing can top that feeling.

Lynda Wolters


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